Braces from The Brace Hotline are available at little to no cost for those who have Medicare as their primary insurance.


When you call The Brace Hotline we provide a Free eligibility check to see if you qualify for a brace at little to no cost.


When you order a brace from The Brace Hotline, all Medicare paperwork is handled for free by our qualified, friendly consultants.


The Brace Hotline offers free shipping and processing on all braces shipped through our network of brace suppliers.


Medicare Recipients Find Pain Relief at a Price That’s Hard To Beat.

Qualified Medicare recipients can now get high-tech braces for their knees, back, ankles, shoulder or neck — all at little to no cost.

It’s time for seniors to get something back for all they’ve done for this country.

Many in these generations literally went to war for America and now Medicare is providing a much deserved helping hand to millions of qualifying seniors with back, knee and other joint pain by covering the extraordinary new braces that are being developed by some of the finest minds in healthcare.

You see, at its worst knee, back and joint pain can be excruciating and debilitating. Even at its mildest low-grade pain is a silent thief robbing seniors of their golden years and serving as a constant reminder of lost youth. But now the new wave of next generation braces are helping seniors every where relieve the grinding and piercing pain and many find they only have to wear them a few times a day to get relief.

Are you currently suffering from knee, back, neck or joint pain? Would you like to find out if you qualify for a pain relieving brace from The Brace Hotline?

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High-Tech, Pain Relieving Braces Available At Little To No Cost CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY

Thousands of Seniors

Have Received A New Pain Relieving Brace With A Short Call To The Brace Hotline.

To Check Your Eligibility Call (877) 530-9848

Contact your physician, medical professional and insurance carrier concerning your medical necessity on these types of products and services. In some situations, paid actors are reenacting mobility and medical scenarios. We do not guarantee coverage. Medicare is one of the many insurance types accepted by our accredited suppliers. Orders must be approved medically necessary by your doctor or medical professional. Little or no cost with primary and supplemental insurance and copays and deductibles apply. Your insurance must be eligible to qualify. The Back Brace, Mobility, Brace Hotline, Health Alert, Pain Relief, Pain Solutions Hotlines and Senior Health Connect are advertising Agency Brands that work with accredited suppliers and have an existing relationships. Not all suppliers are evaluated by the Back, Pain, Health Alert, Mobility and Senior Health Connect Hotlines. Please call your insurance company or consult with your physician for other options for service. If you are not eligible for our services, we will advise on various other options to receive these products. This program is for information purposes only and cannot be perceived as us giving medical, scientific, or legal advice. Please contact your medical professional for specific information on any ailment or treatment needed for what you are experiencing. By calling, I am giving my permission for my doctor to be called, faxed, and for me to receive follow up calls at any point before or after I receive a potential shipment. I consent to receive information on products not limited to spinal support braces and/or knee braces on this phone call or subsequent phone calls until such a point I indicate not to do so. Products may differ from the product shown. Service may be conducted by other subsidiaries. I am permitting calls to be automatically dialed. All calls will be recorded. If I am on a do not call list, by opting in, I am waiving this right.